Peer Mentor application DUE 3/17

Peer Mentor application DUE 3/17

2019 Peer Mentors

2019 Peer Mentors

2018 Peer Mentors

2018 Peer Mentors


R-LEAD Peer Mentors

R-LEAD peer mentors serve as small group facilitators and mentors for program participants who are incoming first year buckeyes. Peer mentors (PMs) arrive early to campus to undergo training before their mentees arrive. PMs facilitate community building, program activity debriefs, and participate in all aspects of R-LEAD. This is a volunteer undergraduate student leader position.


Peer Mentor Points of Pride

Peer Mentors will...

  • Move to Columbus/Campus early
  • Co-lead or lead a Legacy Group of approximately 10-20 first-year students. 
  • Be able to share their college experiences with first-year students and serve as a role model. 
  • Help first-year students familiarize themselves with campus resources and involvement opportunities.


Peer Mentor Job Description

  • Serve as a mentor and role model to R-LEAD participants 
  • Co-lead a Legacy Group composed of 10-20 first-year students  
  • Help students get to locations during R-LEAD program
  • Facilitate community building among your legacy and others in the program 
  • Facilitate small group discussions about college life, campus resources, and involvement opportunities 
  • Facilitate conversations about current events and Residence Life Core Values with Legacy Groups 
  • Remain engaged during the entirety of the R-LEAD Program, including program sessions 


Dates of Program 

Saturday, August 13 - Sunday, August 14: Peer Mentor Training 

  • Peer Mentors need to Move-In between 8am - 2pm on Saturday. Training could begin as early as 3pm on Saturday. Sunday we'll have training from the morning to the mid afternoon and have a break before the R-LEAD kickoff event begins.

Sunday, August 14 - Tuesday, August 16 : R-LEAD Program

  • R-LEAD participants should Move-In on 8/14 between 8am - 3pm and the R-LEAD kickoff will be that night around 7pm.
  • Each day typically starts around 8am or 9am and goes until 6pm or later if there is an evening activity.

OWL Program (All R-LEAD participants will also participate in the OWL program) R-LEAD participants will participate and be trained as OWLs once the R-LEAD program ends and occur sometime between 8/17 and 8/20.


 ** Peer mentors are NOT required to be a part of the OWL program once the R-LEAD program ends.**

R-LEAD participants will be required to participate in the OWL program, but as a peer mentor, you will not. If you're looking to also participate in the Ohio State Welcome Leader (OWL) program (click here for website), you'll need to separately apply to that program here:



The 2022 Peer Mentor application has closed.