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Move in Day 2018

Move in Day 2018



Park Stradley move in 2018

Park Stradley move in 2018



About the OWL Program

Are you interested in being part of the excitement of Move In Day 2019?  If so, you may want to consider becoming an OWL! Every year we recruit over a thousand of OWLs to move-in early and prepare their residence halls and build community.  We encourage you to submit an application if you do not already have plans to return to campus for another early arrival program.  The OWL program is a great way for students to become part of the OSU Family and get a jump start into Autumn Semester!

Apply now to be an Ohio State Welcome Leader! by 11:59pm on June 30, 2019.

Why should you become an OWL?

  • Meet new people
  • Move in before your roommates
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Free T-Shirt!

* Must live on campus for 2019-2020 year to be eligible to be an OWL *

OWL Program Description/Purpose 

The Ohio State Welcome Leader program strives to provide a developmental and enriching early arrival experience through student connection, service to others, and embodying tradition and school spirit. 

Points of Pride: 

  • Cultivate your understanding of everyday leadership, including connecting and collaborating with others in a team environment.  
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources and involvement opportunities 
  • Engage in an early arrival experience. 

Dates of OWL Program (Dates may be subject to change):

  • OWL Co-Chair Dates: May 2019 - August 17, 2019
  • OWL Area Coordinator Dates: Friday, August 9 - Saturday, August 17
  • OWL Coordinator Dates: Sunday, August 11 - Saturday, August 17
  • OWL Program Dates: Thursday, August 15 - Saturday, August 17

 What OWLs will be doing: OWLs will arrive to campus on the Thursday prior to move-in so they can participate in activities the two days prior to move-in.  Thursday and Friday will consist of events that will allow OWLs to build a sense of community, familiarize themselves with campus, and prepare for the excitement of Move In Day!  On Saturday, OWLs will greet students and families and help to transport student belongings into residence halls.

How is the OWL Program organized?

The OWL Leadership team is led by the Leadership & Involvement Specialist for Residence Life, Leah Wheeler. The team is made up of 2 Graduate Coordinators and 2 student Co-Chairs. They are responsible for the recruitment, planning, and implementation of the OWL Program. 

The Co-Chairs oversee a group of 8 student Area Coordinators. These students are responsible for specific areas of campus, and supervise the OWL-Coordinators. There are approximately 170 OWL-Coordinators, who are each assigned a residence hall and a “flock” of OWLs. The OWL Coordinators arrive to campus the Sunday or Monday before Move-In Day to go through training on leadership development and how to do their job once OWLs arrive. This training includes learning about problem solving skills, how to communicate effectively, meaningful facilitation, guidelines for meeting with their flocks, and how to have a difficult conversation. Other activities we provided for OWL-Cs include a networking lunch with professionals on campus,  leadership sessions that focus on different aspects of leadership and other fun activities.

There are approximately 1,500 OWLs that arrive on the Thursday before Move-In Day. They go through team building Thursday night with their flocks and then enjoy a social and active event called Hoot Fest as a thank you for the work they will do. OWLs go through a day long training on Friday that includes OWL building training in flocks in the morning, a leadership development session, and a break in the rotation for students to take care of personal necessities.  

On Saturday, Move-In Day, the entire OWL Program reports to their assigned locations on campus for their assigned shift. 

Dates of Appointment:  Thursday, August 15 - Saturday, August 17

Apply at: by 11:59pm on June 30, 2019.

 For more information, please contact Leah Wheeler, Leadership & Involvement Specialist in Residence Life at