Office of Student Life

OWL Student Coordinator

Please note that the previously named OWL Co-Chair role is now called OWL Student Coordinator for 2024.

The 2024 OWL Student Coordinator Application has closed for the 2024 recruitment cycle.

The 2 selected OWL Student Coordinators will spend the summer months (May – August) helping to plan and implement all aspects of the Ohio State Welcome Leader program.This position will lead the entire OWL program including Area Coordinators, OWL-Coordinators, and Ohio State Welcome Leaders (OWLs) throughout the OWL experience and Move-In, which can include up to 1,000 people.

Summer months will include a handful of weekly meetings including working with the planning team, attending and contributing to departmental committee initiatives, individual meetings with their supervisor, and working on tasks to prepare for the Ohio State Welcome Leader program. The summer office location will be in Bowen House in the Base Camp event space area where team members will work in close proximity throughout the summer with some flexibility for remote work as well.

  • This is a paid (20 hours/week at $13/hour) undergraduate student employee position
  • This position may have additional opportunity for compensation in the form of campus housing through July and possible other perks. Please note that Housing is not available for all of August if you're not living on campus in Fall 2024. If you will be living on campus, then you can switch from your summer housing placement to your new residence hall placement for Fall 2024.
  • Contributes a significant amount in the planning of the OWL program (training, fun events, etc.
  • Helps create content for training and other sessions throughout the program.
  • Act as liaisons between OWL Leadership & Planning Team, ACs, OWL-Cs, and OWLs.
  • Collaborates with other campus partners on projects, presentations, and more.
  • Will have public speaking roles throughout the OWL Program and a couple times over the summer months. 

Dates of Appointment: Monday May 13, 2024 - Saturday August 17, 2024 

The Office of Student Life - Housing and Residence Education is looking for two exceptional student leaders to serve as the OWL Student Coordinators for the Ohio State Welcome Leader Program. These paid positions offer students the opportunity to demonstrate and further develop outstanding leadership skills over the summer. This role includes large scale event planning, organizing spreadsheets, creating content for training, team development, and more!

2024-2025 Resident Advisors are not eligible to serve in this position.


  • Must be a current full-time undergraduate student in academic OSU coursework (Does not need to take classes over the summer).
  • Must be in good standing at the university.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous experience with the Ohio State Welcome Leader (OWL) program.