Office of Student Life

OWL Area Coordinator

Job Description

The OWL Area Coordinator application is closed for Summer 2024.

OWL Area Coordinators serve as mentors to OWL-Coordinators (OWL-C) who lead a small group of OWLs. Area Coordinators serve as presenters and facilitators during OWL-C and OWL Training, help problem solve during the program and Move-In, and serve on the OWL Leadership & Planning Team who plan and carry out logistics for the program. ACs arrive early to campus to undergo training before OWL-Cs arrive and oversee an area of campus. This is a volunteer undergraduate student leader position.

The Ohio State Welcome Leader (OWL) program provides opportunities for residence hall students who value leadership and helping others to participate in the residence hall move in process. We are looking for 8 student leaders to serve as Area Coordinators who are familiar with areas of campus. We are looking for individuals who have good communication, conflict resolution, and management skills. You do not have to have previous experience with OWL to apply. 

  • OWL Area Coordinators (AC) report to the OWL Co-Chairs and communicate with them often. 
  • Are assigned a specific area of campus to oversee during Move-In (and then led the student leaders within that area during the program and during Move-In.)
  • Act as a support and resource for OWL Coordinators throughout the program and Move-In. 
  • Assist with OWL-C training, Move-In procedures, and assist to answer questions.
  • Act as liaisons between OWL Planning Team and OWL-Coordinators/OWLs.

Dates of Appointment: Saturday, August 12 – Saturday August 19, 2024

  • OWL Area Coordinators who will live off-campus will need to secure housing, as we do not provide temporary housing. 

Dates of Program (2024 dates will be determined in May 2024)

OWL Area Coordinator Training

Sunday, 8/11 - Monday, 8/12
  • Sun. 8/11 = AC Move-In from 8am - 1pm
  • Sun. 8/11 = AC Training from 2pm - 8pm
  • Mon. 8/12 = AC Training from 9:30am - 1:45pm

OWL-Coordinator Training

Sunday, 8/11 - Tuesday, 8/13
  • Sun. 8/11 = OWL-C Move-In from 9am-5pm 
  • Mon. 8/12 = OWL-C Training from 2:30pm - 8pm
  • Tues. 8/13 = OWL-C Training from 9:30am - 8pm 

OWL Program

Wednesday, August 14 - Saturday, August 17

OWLs & OWL-Cs will be asked to sign up for a certain amount of Move-In shifts throughout this Move-In timeframe 

  • Wednesday, Augsut 14 = OWL-Cs to assist in the first day of Move-In as the OWLs all arrive on this day
  • Wednesday, August 14 =  Evening = OWL Training from 6:30/7-9 p.m.
  • Thurday, August 15 - Saturday, August 17 = Move-In Shifts throughout the day for OWLs & OWL-Cs
  • Thursday, August 15 = OWL Hoot Fest - This is a large social event that will include inflatables, drinks, music, and more!
  • Friday, August 16 = TBD Flock Meet-Ups