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About the OWL Program

Please note that the information below could change based on what COVID protocols are in place for August 2021. Details about the OWL program will be updated on this page as decisions are made.

Are you interested in being part of the excitement of Move-In, August 2021?  If so, you may want to consider becoming an OWL. Every year we recruit students to serve their fellow Buckeyes and build community. We encourage you to submit an application to serve as an OWL! The OWL program is a great way for you to become part of the Ohio State family and get a jump start into autumn semester.

Applicant Requirements

* Must live on campus for 2021-2022 year to be eligible to be an OWL *

If you will be attending international student orientation, please be sure to sign up for the orientation dates that do not conflict with your OWL move-in shifts.

OWL Program Description/Purpose 

The Ohio State Welcome Leader program strives to provide a developmental and enriching early engagement experience through student connection and service to others.  At this time, the OWL program is planned as a hybrid of virtual and in-person elements. More details will be shared on this website as soon as possible.

Points of Pride: 

  • Cultivate your understanding of everyday leadership, including connecting and collaborating with others in a team environment.  
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources and involvement opportunities.
  • Engage in an early experiences with fellow Buckeyes. 

Dates of Program 

OWL Virtual Program: 

Thursday, August 12 – Friday, August 13

All aspects of training will be facilitated virtually. OWLs will be asked to meet with their flock at least once during the program. For those details, OWLs will need to check their Ohio State email frequently starting in early August.


OWL Move-In Dates:

Monday, August 16 - Friday, August 20

OWLs will need to Move-In the day before their volunteer Move-In shift. (Details about these items will be emailed to accepted OWL participants).


OWL Move-In Volunteer Shifts:

Tuesday, August 17 - Saturday, August 21

OWLs should not sign up for Move-In shifts on the same day they move into their residence hall.


OWL Connection Events:

Tuesday, September 7 - Friday, September 11 

These will be informal social events for OWL flocks to gather in person and meet their peers and OWL-C mentor. OWL-Cs will reach out with more information at a later date.



What OWLs will be doing: 

The programs helps OWLs build a sense of community, familiarize themselves with campus and prepare for the excitement of Move-In while welcoming Buckeyes to campus. Specific details on what OWLs will be doing during Move-In will be released once finalized.

How is the OWL Program organized?

The 2021 OWL Leadership and Planning Team includes the Leadership & Involvement Specialist for Residence Life, Leah Wheeler, and two Graduate Coordinators. They are responsible for the recruitment, planning and implementation of the OWL Program.

Eight OWL Area Coordinator students are responsible for specific areas of campus and help train and support the OWL-Coordinators. OWL-Coordinators serve as mentors to OWLs and are each assigned a “flock” (small group) of OWLs. The OWL Coordinators go through training on leadership development and how to do their job once OWLs arrive. This training includes learning about problem solving skills, how to communicate effectively, meaningful facilitation and guidance for meeting with their flocks.

We have hundreds of OWLs assist with Move-In. OWLs participate in team building activities with their flocks and go through training that prepares them to serve as a volunteer during Move-In, as well as learn more about leadership and how to get involved on campus.

Throughout Move-In, the entire OWL Program reports to their assigned Move-In volunteer locations on campus for their assigned shift(s). OWLs are selected to serve all of campus and will be assigned to help on campus where needed.

OWL 2021 Responsibilities

Before Moving to Campus 

  • Select a Move-In timeslot  

  • Select a day between Monday, 8/16 - Friday, 8/20 

                  Make sure it’s at least one day before you volunteer as an OWL 

  • Sign-up for three OWL Move-In shifts  

                  - Sign-up for your shifts sometime between Tuesday, 8/17 - Saturday, 8/21 

                  - Do not sign up for shifts the same day you’re moving in 

                  - Be mindful that meals are not provided by the OWL program during Move-In and you should plan your shifts accordingly. 

                  - Each shift will be 2 hours and 45 minutes. OWL Move-In shift timeframes are:

                            * 7:45am - 10:30am

                            * 10:15 am - 1:00 pm

                            * 12:45pm - 3:30pm

                            * 3:15pm - 6:00pm.

  • Attend OWL training flock Zoom meeting 

                 - You will receive information from your OWL-Coordinator about that date and time. 

  • Read and complete all activities within the OWL workbook 

During Move-In 

  • Bring What You Need to your OWL Move-In Shift 

                - Be mindful of the weather (will you need a coat, etc.) 

                - Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated 

                - Bring a snack if needed. 

  • Arrive to your assigned location on time 

              - You will need to check in with a Student Life staff member at the meet up location to let them know you have arrived and to be assigned where needed that shift. 

                        * South Campus shifts = meet at the Hale Green Bus Stop on 12th Avenue.

                        * North Campus shifts = meet at the Tom W. Davis clock tower on North Campus. 

                        * West Campus shifts = meet at the Mid-Tower bus stop on West Campus. 

  • You will serve in one of the following roles: 


  • Welcomes families at their car(s) (Cheering as they arrive as well) 

  • Explain steps of move-in process (where to park once unloaded, etc.) 

  • Help answer any questions from students and their loved ones. 

  • Organize carts to be easily accessible to students and loved ones. 


  • Helps with various tasks during move-in  

  • Periodically walk the halls and gather carts to bring back down to the lobby. 

  • Collect carts and organize them in your assigned area for future use. 

 Things to know during your Move-In shifts 

  • This section will be updated once the OWL training packet is finalized. This will be dispersed no later than 8/9.

After Move-In 

  • Attend OWL Connection Event in September (Tues. 9/7 - Fri. 9/10) 

  • You’ll hear from your OWL-C about your flock event  


The OWL application for summer 2021 is now closed

For more information, please contact Leah Wheeler, Leadership & Involvement Specialist in Residence Life at

**Please note that the information above could change based on what COVID protocols are in place for August 2021. General Move-In 2021 details can be found here.**