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The Community Council Executive Board Application is now open!

Your Community Council is looking for its new executive board! For more information visit our Community Councils page. Check this website to see available positions for your community:


Apply now: 


Committee Interest Form:

Committee applications are available for Finance, Marketing, Recognition, Programming, and Advocacy. For more information, see the Committees page. You do not need to be a returning RHAC Senator or General Body member to apply for committee membership.


Apply now: 


Executive Board Member Applications:

At times, when an Executive Board position is vacated and the RHAC is not in session, a new member may be selected by the Executive Board to fill that position until the expiration of the previous occupant's term of office. When this occurs, application links will be posted on this page. Please review the RHAC Constitution before applying for an Executive Board position, to familiarize yourself with the potential time commitments, duties, and responsibilities involved with the role. 


Of The Months (OTMs): 

OTM's are an excellent way to recognize a component of our Ohio State Campus community on Campus, Regionally, and even Nationally! OTM's are administered by RHAC's sister organization, The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). See our (OTM) Of The Month page for more information and to submit a nomination.