Office of Student Life

Residence Hall Advisory Council An Involved Living Organization

Saylor Priest

Primary Responsibilities: The Vice President is in charge of making sure things run smoothly during meetings and in our organization. This includes taking minutes, taking attendance, keeping track of senators' points, visiting RHAC committees, assisting other Executive Board members with their projects, and helping the President with any other work they see fit.

A little bit about me: I am a fourth year Biology Pre-Med major. Previously with RHAC, I was a Senator where I served on the Programming Committee. Two years ago I was the President of the Barrett-Nosker-Jones Community Council. Last year I served as the Director of Outreach and Marketing and the Vice President, I now currently serve as the Vice President of this organization. I am also involved in Phi Delta Epsilon, Peer Tutor, a Biological Sciences Scholars mentor, the Osteo Engineering Laboratory, and a retirement home volunteer.

Fun facts: I love to bake and enjoy spending a lot of time with my family. I also love to crochet and ride my bike. I enjoy helping others and working within my community. 

Why I joined RHAC: I joined RHAC for the community and leadership experience!