Office of Student Life

Residence Hall Advisory Council An Involved Living Organization

Nevaeh Harper

Primary Responsibilites: The Director of Student Advocacy (DOSA) is the primary contact between the students and our campus partners. Their primary responsibilities are to advocate for our students and connect with other on-campus organizations to create a better residential experience for all. 
A little about me: I am a junior with a major in Pharmaceutical Science with a minor in Business. 
Fun fact: I love to knit and watch movies and tv shows. My favorite tv show is A Different World. My favorite movie is the Rocky and Creed series. I also love hanging out with my family and friends and trying new food. 
Why I joined RHAC: I joined RHAC because of my sophomore year experience. During my sophomore year I finally found my place at OSU and being on community council played a huge role. My involvement in community council sparked my interests to help undergraduate students ona broader scale. Thus I decided to join RHAC to help bridge the gap between RHAC and OSU students, and to advocate for those students to, to better shape the undergraduate experience.