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Overview: The Programming Committee will organize and carry out events on and off campus to advocate for residents while upholding RHAC's mission. They will serve as a resource to support the Director of Programming by brainstorming ideas for programs, communicating with their peers and vendors, as well as preparing and seeing programs through. Click here for more information.

Meetings: Every Tuesday 8-9 PM - Zoom or Houston 1874

Contact Information:

Jocelyn Hsu.590
Director of Programming



Overview: The Advocacy Committee will support the Director of Student Advocacy in their advocacy initiatives, and uphold the RHAC's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This team will work with people in very different fields at Ohio State, in responding to the needs of all on-campus students.

Meeting Dates: Every Monday 9-10 PM - Blackburn Conference Room 

Contact Information:

Alex Rodgers.421
Director of Advocacy



Overview: The Finance Committee will review and approve grants that are submitted through our grant process. They serve to support the Director of Finance and will be expected to analyze the grant proposals submitted to RHAC in the context of our pillars. Members will learn how to properly approve and allocate funding for programming. Meetings will take place weekly for approximately 1 hour.

Meeting Dates: Every Tuesday 8-9 PM - Houston 1874 

Director of Finance



Overview: The recognition committee will create and execute a plan to recognize the efforts of residents inside and outside of RHAC that uphold our mission. This will be done by selecting outstanding individuals or groups through a nomination process, featuring them on social media, and providing a tangible reward. If interested, committee members will have the opportunity to lead a service project and assist with the creation of regional bids. By taking these actions, our goal is to ensure that our members feel seen for their hard work, to encourage actions that uphold our mission, and to draw the attention of general residents to our organization. Meetings will be an hour every other week and support the National Communications Coordinator.

Meeting Dates: Every Other Wednesday 6-7 PM - Zoom

Contact Information:

Anna Lavin.39
National Communications Coordinator



Overview: The Marketing Committee, under the direction of the DoOM, will contribute their labor to the design and distribution of physical and digital marketing materials; they will offer their collective insight into the tone and direction of important releases, and they will help build an information gathering and sharing network to facilitate the RHAC’s awareness of trends within the student body important to the construction of outreach initiatives. Much like the content writers, photographers, and reporters in a newsroom, their activities might require them to take on novel tasks and responsibilities around campus. The Marketing Committee will work in a number of ways to support the DoOM throughout the year.

Meeting Dates: Every Thursday 5:15-6:15 PM - Zoom

Contact Information:

Beowulf Rumpf.15
Director of Outreach and Marketing