Office of Student Life

Of The Month Awards

What is an OTM?

OTMs (Of the Month Awards) are an easy way to recognize people, organizations and programs for all of the awesome stuff they have done in a specific month! OTMs can be filled out for residents, RAs, RMs, Hall Directors, faculty, maintenance, and everyone in between!

Write an OTM.

How do I submit a meaningful OTM?

  • OTMs are specific, detailed, and well explained. No specific length is required for a meaningful OTM, but regional and national winners usually have 300 + words.
  • Remember, OTMs are "Of the Month" awards, so keep the explanation centered on what the person / program did in a specific month. For instance, Jonathan Adams might be a great Hall Director all the time, but focus on what he did in that month.
  • Verify that you input the nominees correct email address. Double check everything from spelling to characters used. Make sure to edit your OTM for spelling and grammatical errors. Many people find it helpful to write them in Microsoft Word before submitting them at!
  • Make sure you spell out what some acronyms are. Other institutions might not have a "Resident Manager" or "Office Assistant" position, and may be confused as to what those mean! Give a brief description of the duties.
  • Lastly, OTMs are meant to recognize and empower those who are being nominated. Tell a story about the wonderful things the person/program/organization had accomplished and how they made an enduring impact!

I am not sure what category to use!

The OTM system is used all over the United States, and the world, so the categories and job titles are generalized! Here is a short cheat sheet --

  • Resident Advisor (RA) @ OSU = Resident Assistant
  • Assistant Hall Director (AHD) @ OSU = Advisor
  • Resident Manager (RM) @ OSU = Student Staff Member

For any questions about OTMs, please email Sara Cohen, Director of Recognition, at