Why apply for NRHH??

1. We are the only honorary focused on on-campus living. This means we want to make an impact where YOU Live!

2. But we also care what happens outside of Ohio State! We work hard to extend our service projects outside of campus and into the greater Columbus-area, and BEYOND! 

3. Like how this past winter we took a Buck-I-Serv trip to Florida! (And all NRHH members got 50% off!!!)

4. We are also all about RECOGNITION! Everyone likes being recognized for the awesome stuff they do, and that's where we come in! We administer Ohio State's OTM program, BUT -- 

5. -- Also do other recognition activities, like writing thank you notes to all the Housekeepers on campus! Recognition builds positivity and makes builds an awesome campus!!

6. We also work with other campus organizations like RHAC (all all ILOs!) and Undergraduate Student Government on unique projects that serve the on-campus population!