Office of Student Life

MUNDO An Involved Living Organization

How to become an ACTIVE Member of MUNDO

Who can join MUNDO?

  • MUNDO participation is open to all Ohio State residential students (both on and off-campus) 

How do you become ACTIVE in MUNDO?

  • Participants become ACTIVE members by taking part in MUNDO Nontraditional Discovery Opportunities (NDOs) which allow students to learn about and take part in unique educational opportunities related to service, learning, and leadership. 
  • Nontraditional discovery opportunities (NDOs) include (but are not limited to) taking part in events coordinated by the MUNDO Eats, MUNDO Wellness, and TEATRO interest groups, exploring local, national, or global destinations as part of Fall or Winter Break educational road trips, or taking part in the MUNDO 3-credit spring semester global leadership course that features an 8-day study abroad experience during Spring break. 
  • Participants earn 3-5 participation points for each NDO they complete.
  • Participants who earn at least 30 participation points per semester through their involvement with MUNDO events and activities will become active members.

Benefits of ACTIVE membership

  • Receive an official membership pin
  • Priority registration for MUNDO educational road trips, retreats, and other experiences
  • Formal induction into MUNDO