Office of Student Life

MUNDO An Involved Living Organization


We are MUNDO.

MUNDO (pronounced MOON-DOUGH) at The Ohio State University is a Housing and Residence Education learning initiative and student organization for participants who want to get involved with social change through service, learning, and leadership at the local, national, and global level. 

Serving, Learning, and Leading since 1997  

  • MUNDO was founded in the spring of 1997 by Shawn Baratz, Kathlene Mullens, Jamie Lodermeier (Fay), and Dr. Julius W. Mayo III. 
  • MUNDO's core commitment to serving, learning and leading began with a focus on how to spark change related to AIDS/HIV education and prevention. 
  • MUNDO's current focus involves exploring the importance of using social change to create and help maintain spaces for individuals and groups to feel welcomed, included, and supported in terms of their wellness and sense of belonging. 


MUNDO invites you to consider joining us as we work to promote social change related to local, national, and global challenges by learning through experiences that provide hands-on ways to make a difference.

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