Office of Student Life

Executive Board Members

Community Council Executive Board Members are individuals who are selected or elected to serve in a specific role to lead and serve their community.


Benefits of being an Exec:

- Develop your own leadership skills

- Work with other leaders in your community

- Organize ideas to bring to the general body members 

- Plan out the semester and find ways to get members engaged

- Event planning experience

- Experience in motivating others



Apply to be a Community Council executive board member

Contact your Hall Director or Assistant Hall Director to learn more about how to apply to become a Community Council Exec!

Find your specific staff member here: 



Examples of Exec Board Roles

[ The below list is a larger list of possible positions that could be on an Executive board. Exec boards are usually between 5 - 10 people. ]

* = Required executive board positions



Marketing Chair/Director

PR Coordinator

Social Media Chair/Director

*Sustainability Chair

*Black Student Association (BSA) Representative

*Residence Halls Advisory Council (RHAC) Senator

MUNDO On Campus Ambassadors (MOCA)

Outreach Coordinator

Administrative Chair

Community Service Coordinator

Inclusion Chair

Member Engagement & Retention Chair

Director of Programming

Social Chair/Director

Director of Administration and Collaboration

Director of Finance Director of Programming

Director of Marketing Director of Outreach