Bailey & Max | 2023-2024

Bailey & Max | 2023-2024

Baker West Exec Board 17-18

Baker West Exec Board 17-18

Canfield Execs 17-18

Canfield Execs 17-18

Barrett-Nosker Exec Board 17-18

Barrett-Nosker Exec Board 17-18

ILO Retreat Spring 2018

ILO Retreat Spring 2018

  • Drackett Hall Council 2020 Drackett Hall Council 2020

Community Council

Community Council is a great way to get involved in your community and build leadership skills.

Each Community Council has an executive board and a general membership that plan events and provide opportunities for their community. Additionally, each Community Council sends at least one representative to the larger governing body of Residence Halls Advisory Council (RHAC), Black Student Association (BSA), and MUNDO.

Community Councils are sometimes also called activity boards or action councils. All can act as a place for the voice of the community to be heard, a place to meet people, a creative source for event planning, and a place that provides opportunities to leave a positive impact on campus and in the community.


Benefits of attending Community Council Meetings/Events:

- Opportunities to meet new people and build friendships

- Develop your leadership skills

- Have your voice heard regarding what events to host, concerns you may have, and opportunities to provide the community

- Experience in teamwork and motivating others

- Have fun planning events and activities

- Create an extraordinary student experience for those that live in your community


Contact your Hall Director or RA for more information on how to get involved in your community. You can find the Housing and Residence Education Hall Staff list at


Find your building, then the title listed on the right hand side is what to search in Student Organization Directory  for more information.


  • Complex Names ---------------------------------- Community Council
  • Archer-Torres, Drackett, and Lawrence ------------- Drackett, Archer-Torres, Lawrence Community Council
  • Scott-Norton-Mendoza and Blackburn-Haverfield--- SHBAMN Community Council
  • Nosker-Barrett and Jones ---------------------------- Nosker-Barrett, Jones Community Council
  • Bradley-Paterson, Mack and Canfield ---------------- BP & Mackfield Community Council
  • Bowen, Busch-Halloran, and Raney ------------------ Busch Halloran, Bowen, and Raney Community Council
  • Houston-Houck and Taylor Tower--------------------- HoTT Community Council
  • Lincoln Tower and Morrill Tower ---------------------- Towers Community Council (TCC)
  • Morrison Tower and Siebert --------------------------- MoSiCC Community Council
  • Park-Stradley ------------------------------------------ Park-Stradley Community Council
  • Smith-Steeb ------------------------------------------- Smith-Steeb Community Council
  • Baker --------------------------------------------------- Baker Leadership Team (BLT)



  • Complex Name ------------------------------------ Associated instagram
  • Archer-Torres, Lawrence and Drackett -------------- @dracketttowerosu
  • Scott-Norton-Mendoza, Barrett-Nosker ------------- @barrettnoskerosu and @mnsocmplexosu
  • Blackburn-Haverfield --------------------------------- @bhavcomplexosu
  • Bradley-Paterson, Mack and Canfield --------------- @bradpatosu and @mackcanfieldosu
  • Busch-Halloran --------------------------------------- @busch_halloran_at_osu @raneyhouseosu
  • Hall Complex/Houses/Res on 10th ------------------ @resontenthosu
  • Houston-Houck and Taylor Tower-------------------- @hhcomplexosu and @osutaylortower
  • Nosker-Jones ----------------------------------------- @njccosu
  • Lincoln and Morrill -----------------------------------  @morrilltower, @lincolntowerosu
  • Morrison Tower and Siebert-------------------------- @morrisontower and @sieberthallosu
  • Park-Stradley ----------------------------------------- @parkstradleyosu 
  • Smith-Steeb ------------------------------------------ @SmithSteebOSU
  • Baker -------------------------------------------------- @BakerComplexOSU 

There are opportunities to get involved in a community council throughout the year, so please reach out to Leah Wheeler at with any questions on how to get involved!