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  • Jocelyn Hsu | Director of Programming 2021-2022 Jocelyn Hsu | Director of Programming 2021-2022

Jocelyn Hsu

Primary Responsibilities: The Director of Programming (DOP) facilitates the planning, collaboration, and execution of all virtual, on-campus, and off-campus events for Ohio State’s residents. The DOP also works with the Programming Committee to help organize events for Community Councils and RHAC.

A little bit about me: I am a fourth-year biochemistry major with an interest in youth empowerment and cancer biology. I am a member of Camp Kesem, an organization that supports children who have been affected by a parent’s cancer, Wonders of Our World, a science outreach program with Columbus City Elementary schools, Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, College of Arts & Sciences Student Council, and OSU’s Athletic Band. I first found out about RHAC from their Dining Taste Test my freshman year and it remains one of my favorite parts of RHAC.

Fun Facts: I have an extra tooth (called a Gemini Tooth), have wood stuck in my thumb and graphite in my thigh, and a probationary black belt.