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  • Clara Erich | Director of Operations 2021-2022 Clara Erich | Director of Operations 2021-2022

Clara Erich

Primary Responsibilities: The Vice President / Director of Operations (DOO) is in charge of making sure things run smoothly during meetings and in our organization. This includes taking minutes, taking attendance, keeping track of senators' points, visiting RHAC committees, and helping the President with any other work they see fit.

A little about me: I am a third year Finance Major with a CIS minor. I represented the BRBH hall council as a RHAC senator until I joined RHAC’s eBoard as the National Communications Coordinator in 2020. I am now RHAC’s Vice President / DOO and am excited to have a positive impact on Ohio State’s residents. 

Fun Facts: I got 3 concussions in one year. I enjoy playing video games (Valorant, Terraria, Hollow Knight, etc.), rock climbing at the ARC, binging Community, and reading in my spare time.