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Our Services


From student organizations to paraprofessionals such as housing, dining, sustainability, and security, RHAC is the liaison between on-campus students and the University. Student development and wellness, diversity, and recognition play a key role in our outreach efforts.


Advocacy is one of RHAC's 5 pillars and we address issues and take action to represent all students on campus. Our advocacy committee develops a shared understanding of social justice and strives to engage with the diverse student population.


RHAC is always open to collaborating with a variety of student organizations by providing volunteers, planning, marketing, and funding. All collaborations should be centered around one of RHAC pillars to support the on-campus population.


RHAC hosts on and off-campus events to create and develop the community. All events are free and open to collaboration. RHAC encourages students to get involved and participate in events such as axe throwing and dive-in movies.


RHAC grants are funding that can contribute to programs, hall improvement, or other residence hall initiatives that will better our community and enhance the student experience at Ohio State. Scholarships are awarded to students who have made great contributions to the residence hall community.


RHAC is a member of the largest student-run organization in the world, the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) who hosts conferences to build leadership, professional development, and innovative ways to create a better campus. 


RHAC is a great fit for ambitious students that value advocacy of all the on-campus residents, marketing, small and large scale programming, and building a strong community across campus. RHAC meets every Tuesday at 7 PM where students get to know each other and the University's resources. Additionally, our committees are open to all students and offer a behind-the-scene experience in RHAC's programming, finance, advocacy initiatives, and national outreach.


Students and faculty have the opportunity to develop communication skills and get to know people who have the same passion of creating a better community through discussions, programming, and development.