Office of Student Life: Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience



Overview: The Programming Committee will organize and carry out events on and off campus to advocate for residents while upholding RHAC's mission. They will serve as a resource to support the Director of Programming by brainstorming ideas for programs, communications with their peers and vendors, as well as preparing and seeing programs through. Click here for more information.

Meetings: Tuesdays, 8-8:30 PM | Zoom Link

Contact Information:

Jocelyn Hsu.590
Director of Programming


Makenna Barcklay
Aimee Chihuahua
Roxy Kuzma
Alison Lee
Saylor Priest
Julia Shaffer
Sydney Trem
Tori Toth



Overview: The Advocacy Committee will support the Director of Student Advocacy in her advocacy initiative. This team has the ability to work with people in very different fields at Ohio State, supporting students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 by reducing the stigma around the disease. This initiative will also grow and develop as the year continues, responding to what on-campus students need.

Meeting Dates: Sundays, 12-12:30 PM | Zoom Link

Contact Information:

Julius McIntyre.268
Director of Advocacy


Martha Cibasu
Tiana Frierson
Amanda Galarza
Zoë Grace Hargrove
Nicole Esteban Marroquin



Overview: The Finance Committee will review and approve grants that are submitted through our grant process. They serve to support the Director of Finance and will be expected to analyze the grant proposals submitted to RHAC in the context of our pillars. Members will learn how to properly approve and allocate funding for programming. 

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays, 8-8:30 PM | Zoom Link

Contact Information:

Alice Xu.3787
Director of Finance


Clara Erich
Connor Kanady
Evan Lindsey
Kailash Mishra



Overview: The Bidding Committee is involved in creating bids for the regional and national conferences so that The Ohio State University can be regionally and nationally recognized in a variety of different areas. Creating a bid requires a vast array of people to design, write, collaborate with a variety of people, and organize information in a way. Members of the bid committee may see their bid to win a regional or national reward, which gets recognized at the regional and national conferences. This team will work with the Director of Outreach and President.

Meeting Dates: Meetings will take place online approximately twice a month for approximately 1 hour. 

Contact Information:

Clara Erich.7
National Communications Coordinator