• Explore the Equal Justice Initiative and more with The MUNDO STEP Experience 2022 Explore the Equal Justice Initiative and more with The MUNDO STEP Experience 2022

The MUNDO STEP Experience


MUNDO, in collaboration with the Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) initiative at Ohio State, coordinates an annual multi-part learning opportunity and educational road trip experience for second-year students. 

These unique developmental opportunities provide an exciting diversity and inclusion focus to one of the six STEP categories: Creative and Artistic EndeavorsInternshipsLeadershipService-Learning and Community ServiceEducation Abroad, and Undergraduate Research.

The 2023 MUNDO STEP Experience is entitled "Good Trouble: Exploring the role of context, community action, and learning in promoting social change."The "Good Trouble" experience will begin late in the Autumn semester with a series of on-campus pre-travel workshops, and then conclude with an educational road trip to Montgomery, AL; New Orleans, LA., and Memphis, TN between May 8-16, 2023.

As part of the learning opportunity students, staff and faculty will begin with a first-hand look at the continuing work of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama that seeks to reform injustices within the American justice system and explore the significant cultural legacy of leaders such as John Lewis on fighting to justice in the United States. Next, the group moves on to New Orleans to get a closer look at the contextual role of race, economics, and class in determining what Lasswell (1936) described as “who gets, what, when and how.” The experience concludes in Memphis, Tennessee where the focus will shift to the strategies community groups have used to continue the legacy of leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

To learn more about STEP go to: https://step.osu.edu/