• MUNDO celebrates 25 years in 2022 MUNDO celebrates 25 years in 2022

Educational Priority

Our Focus

The Multicultural Understanding through Nontraditional Discovery Opportunities (MUNDO) Learning Initiative prepares active participants to identify, analyze, and engage with concepts and strategies for embracing self-discovery, promoting health and well-being, taking part in life-long learning opportunities, and creating equitable and inclusive spaces. 

Serving, Learning, and Leading since 1997

MUNDO was founded in the spring of 1997 by Shawn Baratz, Kathlene Mullens, Jamie Lodermeier (Fay), and Dr. Julius W. Mayo III. 

MUNDO's core commitment to serving, learning and leading began with a focus on how to spark change related to AIDS/HIV education and prevention. 

Since 1997, MUNDO has used nontraditional discovery opportunities (NDOs) such as the first ever MUNDO learning initiative which included interactive workshops and an educational road trip to New York City to view and discuss the powerful musical RENT and the powerful messages it focuses on related to compassion and outreach to others in need.

Today, MUNDO continues to explore BIG QUESTIONS related to local, national, and global challenges by learning through experiences that provide hands-on ways to make a difference.