Office of Student Life: Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

  • Mondays with MUNDO (weekly meetings) Mondays with MUNDO (weekly meetings)
  • MUNDO celebrates 25 years in 2022 MUNDO celebrates 25 years in 2022
  • MUNDO volunteered with Caritas in Rome, Italy in 2018 MUNDO volunteered with Caritas in Rome, Italy in 2018
  • Photo of 20th anniversary MUNDO group in NYC Photo of 20th anniversary MUNDO group in NYC


MUNDO was founded in 1997 by Shawn Baratz, Kathlene Mullens, Jamie Lodermeier (Fay), and Julius Mayo.

  • The first MUNDO experience was to NYC in 1997 to view and discuss the dramatic musical RENT as part of a quarter-long study of AIDS/HIV prevention as well as resources for those living with the illness.
  • After various domestic experiences, the first international MUNDO experience was to Toronto, Canada in 1999 to learn more about hunger and homelessness in other areas of North America. 
  • Beginning in 2003, MUNDO began traveling to London, England (and other  European cities) as part of a semester-long course and international service-learning experience designed to take a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of global citizenship. 
  • Also in 2003, The Collaboration Experience (TCE) was created as a way for participants in MUNDO, The College of Arts and Sciences, and the Afrikan American Learning Community to work together to create unique academic and social learning experiences.
  • In 2015, MUNDO incorporated the Mexican tradition of Cascarones ( into its Closing Ceremonies as a way to wish good luck to Graduating Seniors and non-returning members, as well as start the new ODNUM Exec. Board off with a fun start.
  • MUNDO has received several awards and distinctions including an Outstanding Student Organization Award and an Ohio State University Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award.
  • During the 2020-2021 academic year MUNDO went virtual for the first time and was able to debut online excursions to New York City and Detroit.
  • During 2020-2021, the group was able to connect online with campus leaders, alumni, and faculty from around the country to discuss the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, civil unrest during the summer of 2020 and staying well in the midst of challenging times.
  • MUNDO celebrates turning twenty-five in 2022 as part of a yearlong celebration!