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Drackett Exec Board 17-18

Drackett Exec Board 17-18

Siebert Exec Board 17-18

Siebert Exec Board 17-18

Executive Board Members

Hall Council Executive Board Members are individuals who are selected or elected to serve in a specific role to lead and serve their community.


Benefits of being an Exec:

- Develop your own leadership skills

- Work with other leaders in your community

- Organize ideas to bring to the general body members 

- Plan out the semester and find ways to get members engaged

- Event planning experience

- Experience in motivating others



Examples of Exec Board Roles

[ The below list is a larger list of possible positions that could be on an Executive board. Exec boards are usually between 5 - 10 people. ]

* = Required executive board positions



Marketing Chair/Director

PR Coordinator

Social Media Chair/Director

*Sustainability Chair

*Black Student Association (BSA) Representative

*Residence Halls Advisory Council (RHAC) Senator

MUNDO On Campus Ambassadors (MOCA)

Outreach Coordinator

Administrative Chair

Community Service Coordinator

Inclusion Chair

Member Engagement & Retention Chair

Director of Programming

Social Chair/Director

Director of Administration and Collaboration

Director of Finance Director of Programming

Director of Marketing Director of Outreach


Contact your Hall Director or Assistant Hall Director to learn more about how to apply to become a Hall Council Exec!

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