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ATTENTION: The last day to submit grants for the Spring semester will be Sunday, March 26th!

RHAC provides grants to Housing Organizations looking to improve residence life on-campus through any of RHAC's five pillars:

  1. Create & Develop Community
  2. Advocate for Students
  3. Student Development & Wellness
  4. Diversity
  5. Environment of Recognition and Leadership

Who can apply?

Any Columbus campus housing organization can apply. Housing organizations consist of Community Advisors, Resident Managers, Housing Coordinators, Hall Directors, Resident Advisors, Hall Council, and any Involved Living Organizations. If your organization is not associated with on-campus housing, please apply for a collaboration request instead. Here, you can receive RHAC's assistance with the event (volunteers, marketing, etc.) and potentially funding as well.

In order for a Hall Council to request a grant, the Council must have an active senate member. In order to be considered active, Senators must be present at every RHAC meeting. If they have a valid reason to miss a meeting, they must send an elected member of their Hall Council attend the meeting in their place.

If you wish to receive support from RHAC, but your organization is not associated with housing, you cannot apply for

How much can I apply for?

Housing Organizations can request up to $3000 per application cycle.

How do I apply?

First read through the Grant Funding Process 2016-2017 document for more detailed information on the requirements of RHAC Grants. Then go to the RHAC Grant Application 2016-2017 and fill out the Google Form.


When are applications due?

ATTENTION: The last day to submit grants for the Spring semester will be Sunday, March 26th!

Applications are due each Sunday at 11:59 PM. They will be reviewed by the Finance Committee the following Tuesday, and you will receive the status of your application by Wednesday at 11:59 PM.