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Move in day

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OWL Info

OWL Program Description/Purpose 

The Ohio State Welcome Leader program strives to provide a developmental and enriching early arrival experience through student connection, service to others, and embodying tradition and school spirit. 


Applicant Requirements

* Must live on campus for 2021-2022 year to be eligible to be an OWL *

If you will be attending international student orientation, please be sure to sign up for the orientation dates that do not conflict with the OWL progrm. You will not be able to be an OWL if you're signed up to attend orientation between 8/19-21.


What Are OWLs and What Do They Do? 

OWLs are responsible for assisting other students as they move into their residence halls on Move in Day!  

In order for move-in day to go as smoothly as possible, there are five main roles to which OWLs can be assigned.  



  • Unloads items from car and loads them into red carts 

  • Inserts identifying cart tags into slot on side of cart 


  • Moves the carts from the loading area to the elevators 

  • Returns empty carts from the elevators back to the loading area 

  • Removes and recycles the identifying label prior to sending the carts back to the loading area outside in order to avoid any confusion 

 Cart Organizers: 

  • Takes the carts from the transporters and helps organize them by floor in groups of 2 or 3 near the elevators to give to the elevator operators 

  • Assists the elevator operators with loading/unloading carts onto the elevators on the ground floor 

Elevator Operator: 

  • Remains in the elevator and transports full carts to the proper floors 

  • Transports empty carts back down the elevator 

  • Depending on the number of available elevators in the building, may reserve certain elevators for cart transportation and allow parents and students to use the others 

  • In low-rise buildings, ask that the students and their guests take the stairs 


  • Is assigned to specific floors to help unload carts into students' rooms 

  • Waits near the elevators for carts to be dropped off, and move them to the proper room. When the residents arrive and open their rooms, this role may help unload the carts in the students' room, and then take the empty carts back to the elevator 


OWL 2020 Dates of Appointment:  Thursday, August 19 - Saturday, August 21

The OWL Application will open in March 2021