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2017 OWL Co-Chairs

2017 OWL Co-Chairs

Wisdom from past Co-Chairs

"The OWL Co-Chair position is an awesome opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience and manage a lot of responsibility. I would recommend the job to anyone who enjoys planning, Move-In Day, and OWL puns. Hootie Hoot!!" – Sera Kitchen 

"If you have a passion for the OWL program, or just Ohio State in general, then I would highly recommend applying. You will meet amazing people, make connections that will help you down the road, and see a whole other side of the university that you never knew existed!" – Matt Studenmund 


What did you enjoy about being an OWL Co-Chair?

The thing I enjoyed most about the Co-Chair position is the people that you get to meet! I was a part of an amazing team that I became super close with, because when you coordinate over a thousand volunteers, you form those unbreakable bonds. Even beyond our team though, I met some amazing people. Whether it be senior staff in different buildings, some of the Associate Directors of Residence Life, or all of the OWL-C's that you oversee, I have been able to build friendships and relationships that still last to this day, and that have benefited me in every aspect of my life!  - Matt Studenmund

Being an OWL Co-Chair gave me the opportunity to get to know many different people that I would have otherwise never met. Our OWL planning group became super close by the time it was Move-In Day, and I formed many new friendships over the course of the OWL program. I enjoyed being able to plan for an entire week's worth of events that thousands of people would be participating in. It was amazing to see all of our hard work play out when Move-In Week finally arrived!    - Sera Kitchen

When looking back on a role that was so huge and such a prominent part of my summer, it's hard to pull out specifics. But something that is in each and every step of this program is a wonderful team of people. I'm not only referring to my awesome leadership team, but also the incredible residence life staff and other university employees that I got to know along the way. When planning an on-campus event as large as this one, it is all hands on deck and you rely on a lot of different people. Seeing the support university employees have for each other is pretty inspiring and the relationships resulting from all of the interaction are very precious. Oh, and you can drive around a golf cart on Move-in Day, if that's your thing. Basically, this program is pretty cool.  - Colin Knight 


What did you learn through your time as an OWL Co-Chair?

The main thing I learned through being an Co-Chair is to be flexible! Plans changed all of the time, and so having the ability to adapt to those changes and make the best of the situations was a skill that I was glad I gained from the position! Another thing that I learned was how to be a leader among my peers. As a sophomore, I was nervous about overseeing hundreds of people who were my age or older. However, given this experience, I was able to find my stride as a leader, and gained that confidence that I could definitely be a leader among my peers! - Matt Studenmund

The Co-Chair position taught me to be flexible and maintain a positive attitude when things happen that are out of my control. I have learned the importance of seeking input from others and knowing how to delegate tasks without micromanaging. Even if it is impossible to please everyone all the time, it is important to consider all the different perspectives in making decisions. I learned that nothing I do will be perfect, and that is okay. - Sera Kitchen

You learn how to work on a team. You learn how to conduct a crowd. You learn how to work in a professional environment. You learn how to balance work and fun. You learn, without trying to sound too cliche, how awesome of a school Ohio State actually is.  - Colin Knight


What advice would you give to a future OWL Co-Chair?

The biggest piece of advice I could give is to laugh. There will be things that go wrong during your time as Co-Chair, as well as stressful times, and weird series of events. If you are able to laugh about it though, and overcome those obstacles, then you will find this to be one of the most rewarding jobs you could have! Additionally, make sure to have Plan A-Z, because things are bound to change, so having multiple backup plans will come in handy. - Matt Studenmund

Focus on the big picture, but also don't focus on the big picture. It is vital that you outline early on what you want students to get out of this program. You need to put an emphasis on what this program is all about (I'll give you a hint: It's more than just move-in.) But... it is also essential in the planning process to break down the tasks ahead of you. There is a lot that goes on during the week before move-in day. The only way to ensure your prepared is to go through the program one step at a time. Then you want to go back and make sure that what you have aligns with what you're really wanting participating students to get out of it. ...Also, it's good to have a rainy day plan. - Colin Knight