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  • MUNDO remembers Chris Hallam (1979-2019) MUNDO remembers Chris Hallam (1979-2019)

In Memoriam

Ohio State alum, Chis Hallam served as a MUNDO staff mentor and Global Advisory Team advisor from 2008-2010. He worked with the New York Experience, various MUNDO discussions, and as a financial advisor for the organization.

In addition to his work with MUNDO, Chris also served as a hall director and assistant director of academic initiatives here at Ohio State. He was also a member and later advisor for the campus chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣAE).

Most recently, Chris worked with the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation as part of the project named in his honor called #HallamStrong. The organization continues to do the important work of raising support and resources to end cancer. 

After outliving his most recent diagnosis of cancer by four years, Chis passed away during the summer of 2019.

He leaves behind a loving family, many friends and supporters, and this piece of advice for everyone: "Enjoy the good days. Enjoy the dad days."

Thank you, Hallam (Chris) for all your support of MUNDO and so many other groups and individuals.

You will be deeply missed. 

To support #HallamStrong and the efforts of the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation go to