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  • Explore new tastes with MUNDO 2 GO Explore new tastes with MUNDO 2 GO
  • Meet your child with MUNDO Meet your child with MUNDO


Get a little Nontraditional with MUNDO (right where you live!)

The MUNDO 2 GO program is designed to bring two popular nontraditional discovery opportunities (NDOs) directly into Ohio State Residence halls for FREE!

The programs are coordinated by the Nontraditional Discovery Opportunity Student Learning Facilitator, MUNDO On-Campus Ambassadors (MOCAs) and the MUNDO Coordinator.


To register for a MUNDO 2 GO event to come to your Ohio State Residence Hall community, please use the link found here:

Please note that priority will be given to halls that are working with a MOCA (MUNDO On-Campus Ambassador) to coordinate their event.

Autumn Semester Event: "Strange Foods" Description

During Autumn Semester, Paraprofessionals and Senior Staff in Residence Life can request the exciting and tasty "Strange Foods" program to come to their hall or complex.  The 45-minute program is based on the popular Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods" starring Andrew Zimmern.  Not unlike the cable show, participants will try foods from around the world that might seem strange compared to what they usually eat for meals.  As part of the sampling, the group will also discuss the important role food can play in cross-cultural sensitivity and learning.  This event is Bring Your Own Beverage  (such a refreshing Coca-Cola product) but the sampling of foods will be provided at no cost. 

Guess which one: One of the items featured in this video will be sampled during MUNDO's Strange Foods events-

Spring Semester Event: Meet Your Child Description

Have you ever wondered what it might be like you to raise a young person as a parent, guardian or mentor? This activity will allow you to get a glimpse into the excitement and challenges of being responsible for "a chip of the old block." The event will also explore what it means to learn to live with others who might be more unique than we ever imagined.