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  • Dig in to your second year at Ohio State with MUNDO! Dig in to your second year at Ohio State with MUNDO!



 M2O: The MUNDO Second-Year Experience

Beginning Autumn 2016, MUNDO will be adding a brand-new component to our service, learning, and leadership experiences with new opportuntiies designed to meet the interests and needs of second-year students here at The Ohio State University. 

M2O: The MUNDO Second Year Experience will feature exclusive non-traditional discovery opportunities including:

  • The MUNDO Global Connections Book Club that will not only provide each participant with copies of the award-winning books The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff, but also feature special presentations, events and even an educational road trip to the "Motor City" to learn more about the topics covered in the readings.
  • The MUNDO Los Angeles Alternative Break Experience 2016 that will take MUNDO back to Cali for an indepth look at the multicultural histories and legacies of one of America's most culturally diverse cities
  • The MUNDO Off-Campus Survival Guide Series that will help participants learn everything from how to find a house off campus after their second year, to how to everything you need to know about etiquette to be able to navigate a business dinner, even in an international context! 
  • And many, many, more cool surprises!


  • The all-new Second-Year Transformational Expeience Program (MUNDO Cohort) is designed specifically for MUNDO participants who want to succeed both academically and socially during their second-year of college here at Ohio Sate.
  • As part of STEP you will have the opportunity to work closely with outstanding Ohio State faculty (who make great academic references later in college) to learn about how to use research, creative endeavors, internships, education abroad, service learning and community service, and leadership to achieve your personal and professional goals. 

To confirm your interest in M2O and/or the MUNDO STEP cohort next year complete the short google doc found at: 

For more information about M2O, e-mail MUNDO at: