Office of Student Life: Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

  • MUNDO in London 2003 (Inaugural Year) MUNDO in London 2003 (Inaugural Year)
  • Salsa and Soul Food 2014 Salsa and Soul Food 2014
  • Winter Break 2017 in NYC Winter Break 2017 in NYC


MUNDO was founded in 1997 by Shawn Baratz, Kathlene Mullens, Jamie Lodermeier (Fay), and Julius Mayo.

  • The first MUNDO experience was to NYC in 1997 to view and discuss the dramatic musical RENT as part of a quarter-long study of AIDS/HIV prevention as well as resources for those living with the illness.
  • After various domestic experiences, the first international MUNDO experience was to Toronto, Canada in 1999 to learn more about hunger and homelessness in other areas of North America. 
  • Beginning in 2003, MUNDO began traveling to London, England (and other  European cities) as part of a semester-long course and international service-learning experience designed to take a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of global citizenship. 
  • Also in 2003, The Collaboration Experience (TCE) was created as a way for participants in MUNDO, The College of Arts and Sciences, and the Afrikan American Learning Community to work together to create unique academic and social learning experiences.
  • TEATRO, MUNDO's Visual and Performing Arts appreciation group began in 2010 with a special focus on using the Arts to promote cross-cultural learning, dialog and social change.
  • In addition to the  A Meal and Some MUNDO (local tours), and the New York and London Experiences, the Puerto Rico experience (begun in 2012) has become one of the most popular MUNDO learning opportunities. 
  • In 2015, MUNDO incorporated the Mexican tradition of Cascarones ( into its Closing Ceremonies as a way to wish good luck to Graduating Seniors and non-returning members, as well as start the new ODNUM Exec. Board off with a fun start.
  • In 2017, MUNDO Executive officers created the new MUNDO Service Chair postion to ensure ongoing, intentional community engagement experiences for MUNDO students, staff and faculty participants.
  • MUNDO has received several awards and distinctions including an Outstanding Student Organization Award and an Ohio State University Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award.