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Multicultural Histories & Legacies of London and Rome

Spring Semester Course and the first four weeks of Summer Term 2018 Experience (May 5-May 30, 2018)

Go GLOBAL with MUNDO in 2018

The Multicultural Histories and Legacies of London and Rome explores how societal issues including socioeconomic status, national origin, race, religion, and politics have shaped the everyday lived experiences of those residing in the United Kingdom and Italy both in the past as well as the present.  The experience is designed to take a closer look at the concept of global citizenship and what it means in an increasingly interconnected world. 

By participating in this experience, students will be able to identify key factors that have shaped the everyday life of community members who represent a diversity of socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds within British and Roman/Italian society. While engaging in 30 hours of service learning experiences during the spring semester, and at least three hours of service abroad, students will also be challenged to take a critical look at just how to provide outreach that is purposeful, relevant, and directly linked to community-identified needs. 

Information Sessions

If you are able, be sure to attend a Multicultural Histories and Legacies Info. Session:

  •  5:30 PM on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017
  •  6:30 PM on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017

Both sessions will be held in Enarson Classroom Building (Room #100) 

Serve, Learn and Lead at home and abroad

Students will stay in both London, England, and Rome, Italy with day trips to sites within each country. As two thriving European governmental and commercial centers, as well as being cultural crossroads for many nationalities from all around the world, London and Rome are ideal settings for an unforgettable out-of-classroom international learning experience.

Admitted participants are required to register for three credits of ES HESA 2571 for Spring term 2018. The course will is Wednesdays from 3:55 - 6:50 p.m. Admitted participants are also required to register in 3 credit hours of ES HESA 3573 for The first four weeks of Summer session 2018 for the travel portion of the program. 

An excellent step experience (for more on STEP go to

Participants in the Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) may elect to use their funding for this experience if approved to do so

Deadline to Apply

All applications must be submitted by Buckeye Link no later than MIDNIGHT on November 1, 2017.

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