Office of Student Life: Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


CARE Application Information

CARE has rolling admissions, meaning that anyone can apply at any point in the semester to be qualified!


Available Positions :

  • Social Media: manage CARE's social media accounts (Instagram, WeChat)
  • Newsletter Editor: run CARE monthly newsletter advertising upcoming events around campus
  • Marketing: help create and distribute marketing materials for events
  • CARE Ambassador: general membership, plan and organize events around campus

Qualifications :

  • Keen interest in learning about different cultures and enhancing personal intercultural experience
  • Enthusiasm about helping others
  • Willingness to take initiatives and exercise leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to manage academic workload

Responsibilities :

  • Host 2 events in your area, promoting global awareness and/or an OSU rescource
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun

Benefits :

  • Enrichment of global perspectives and connections throughout the world
  • Enhancement of a powerful employable skill set for future professional opportunities, including interview skills, resume building, career advising, leadership development, cross-cultural communication, event planning, financial skills, etc.
  • Membership in a lasting network with an inspiring cohort of global leaders
  • Influence on Ohio State’s course of globalization
  • Member's only fall and spring trips