What does CARE Stand for?

CARE stands for Cultural Ambassadors for Resident Enrichment.

Who are we?

CARE is a student-lead organization that seeks to create space where diverse students come together to cultivate intercultrual competencies while preparing students for life after college and the globalized world. 


Who can join CARE?

CARE is open to all undergraduate students at The Ohio State University! Past members have come from all over the world, from Columbus natives to international students from China and Morocco!

CARE Ambassadors are committed to providing support with a caring culture, advocating for the diversity of student experiences. Through these opportunities students, living on-campus will work towards creating a global society.


What can CARE members expect?

  1. Providing brave(r) spaces for meaningful, uncomfortable & challenging discussions on topics influenced by current events, locally and globally.
  2. Create experiential engagements on & off campus to develop skills are transferable at OSU and in the global workforce.
  3. Establish passive & active programming to meet individual & group experiences to lead intercultural exchange among others.
  4. Explore self & how one’s own understanding, growth & learning is critical to obtaining further knowledge about culture & identities beyond one’s own.

What will I do and gain?

What we do is:

  • Promote CARE Ambassador events and intercultural compentencies along with global awareness
  • Share your stories with a diverser peers network.

What you gain:

  • Cultivated intercultural skills
  • Access to exclusive CARE Ambassador events
  • Friendships and memories that cross all boarders


What types of events does CARE host?

We host a wide variety of events, from International Desert Night to Karaoke with CARE. All of our events focus on learning about foreign cultures and international affairs, but CARE members put their own spin on this criteria.


How much does it cost to be a CARE member?

Being a CARE member is FREE! Our organization is supported by The Ohio State University’s Office of Residence Life, which gives us the freedom to give CARE members amazing opportunities and put on fun events without asking for a fee.


How can I keep in touch with CARE?

CARE has an instagram page where we post about upcoming CARE events as well as events hosted by other Office of Residence Life organizations. Check us out! @care.osu

You can also email us at care@osu.edu!


How can I apply? 

Application happen at the end of each semester.