Office of Student Life: Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


BSA Resources

  • GPA Calculator (Manual)
    This site will show you how to calculate your GPA by hand. There is also several other advising and grade related resources at your disposal, such as Dean's List requirements and Freshman Forgiveness!
  • GPA Calculator (Online)
    Add in grades and credit hours to calculate your semester GPA or add all your grades up to date to calculate what your overall GPA will be.
  • Masters Degree Online - Scholarships
    A comprehensive resource that provides a database of masters degree programs along with many other features resources such as their listing of over 5000 masters program scholarships from organizations throughout the US.
  • Multicultural Center
    The Student Life Multicultural Center (MCC) is a department within The Office of Student Life at The Ohio State University.
  • The Ohio Union
    Ohio Union Website. Discover anything and everything there is to do through the Ohio Union. Includes schedules of upcoming OSU events, list of student organizations, d-tix discount ticketing and more!