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Black Excellence Brunch

Black Excellence Brunch

Afro-Latino Connection Night with AYL & LSA

Afro-Latino Connection Night with AYL & LSA

  • 2017 Multicultural Thanksgiving 2017 Multicultural Thanksgiving
  • BSA "Taboo Topics" BSA "Taboo Topics"

Executive Board Selection

Apply for an open executive board position!

Due to vacancies not filled in the Spring 2018 Election Process. BSA will be re-opening a selection process for students to apply for the Vice President (1 vacancy) and On-Campus Ambassador (2 Vacancies) positions. Applications will be accepted March 1 - March 5. 

About the Application 

  • The deadline to submit an application is March 5 at 11:59PM. 
  • Candidates who fail to meet the minimum word requirement for any of the essay response will not be given consideration. 
  • Candidates who exeed the maximum word requirement for any essay response will not be given consideration.

To submit an application, please click here! If prompted to sign in, use your osu buckeyemail email address. 

Prior to submitting your application, please review the information below: 

Important Dates

  • March 1 BSA E-board Application Opens at 12:00AM
  • March 5 BSA E-board Application Closes at 11:59PM
  • March 12 Successful Candidates notified if they've been invited to conduct a presentation. 
  • March 20 & March 27 Candidates Presentations
  • March 28/29 Offers sent to successful candidates

Candidates who do not move forward will not receive further communications about their status in the process. 


Candidates invited to give a presentation should be prepared to address the following questions in a 10-minute presentation before the BSA executive board: 

  • What has been your experience with BSA? How do you feel this experience would help in fulfilling the duties of the position you're applying for?
  • In your opinion, what is the purpose of BSA? What experience can you bring to help BSA grow and be a more successful organization?
  • Describe a time when you felt that you were truly making a difference in thye life of another person.


Pertinent Details

  • All candidates must be current undergraduate students at The Ohio State University (Columbus campus)  
  • Successfully elected candidates MUST be available to attend a retreat on Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 8AM - 5PM
  • Candidates can only run for ONE executive board position
  • Candidates who've accepted an offer to serve on the e-board as a result of the Spring 2018 election process are not eligible to apply in the selection process. 

Residency/OSU Housing Lottery/OSU Housing Reselection Process

  • The positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Marketing, Secretary, North Campus Ambassador, South Campus Ambassador, & West Campus Ambassador must live in an University Housing residence hall. A full listing of OSU University Housing residences can be found at Off-Campus Ambassadors must reside off-campus.
  • Candidates who will be entering their third, fourth, or fifth-year+ in the 2018-2019 academic year must have entered the OSU Housing Lottery by January 31st in order to remain eligible to run for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Marketing, Secretary & On-Campus Ambassadors.  


  • All candidates are responsible for consulting with a financial aid advisor to understand how the scholarships will impact their financial aid status at the university. Scholarships will not be adjusted for individual needs. 
  • The positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Marketing, and Secretary are all eligible for a housing scholarship:
    • 75% of room and board for the President
    • 50% of room and board for the Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Marketing, and Secretary.

Vice President Position Description

  1. The Vice-President will share in the duties and responsibilities of the President.
  2. The Vice-President's duties should include, but are not limited to, the direct collaboration with the President in the administration of the organization, the holding of executive meetings and general body meetings and in the creation of the organization's vision.
  3. In the event that the President is unable to serve or is absent, the Vice-President will assume all of the responsibilities and duties of the President until the President returns or a new election is held.
  4. The Vice President is responsible for facilitating elections.
  5. The Vice-President should be aware of all money matters.
  6. The Vice President should assist advisor(s) to plan conference trips.
  7. The Vice-President performs other duties assigned by the President.
  8. The Vice-President will be responsible for all collaborative proposals that are submitted.

On-Campus Ambassador Position Description 

  1. Campus Ambassadors must actively recruit, and connect with their constituents to assure attendance at meetings and various activities.
  2. Campus Ambassadors work with the senior staff in their respective areas to disseminate information to their residents about the BSA.
  3. Campus Ambassadors must hold at least 1 event in their area of campus per semester.
  4. Campus Ambassadors must work closely with the Treasurer to fund their events.
  5. Campus Ambassadors are responsible for serving food at the general body meetings.
  6. Campus Ambassadors shall hold meetings once a month with their respective hall representatives to keep them informed on the direction BSA is heading. 
  7. Campus Ambassadors perform other duties assigned by the Vice -President.